The Smudged Box - Mindfulness dipped in Melanin

The Smudged Box - Monthly Subscription Box

The Smudged Box is a monthly subscription box filled with mindfulness goodies from black owned companies. Upgrade your spiritual swag with these monthly themed boxes meant to enhance your mindfulness practice. Get products that will help you get your energy aligned and balanced! Smudging is an ancient practice used to help clear negative energy and amplify intentions! The smudged box was created to not only heal but connect our community. 

What's in the box?

Each month your new favorite subscription box will come with 5 or more products that will enhance your mind body spirit connection. You will receive dope things like crystals, books, apparel and more. Each month you are guaranteed to receive a different type of smudge and smudge intention card. Your intuition will always guide you, but just in case we need to work on that third eye,  each box comes with instructions and item descriptions so you will know exactly what to do with your new goodies. 

When do we ship?

Each NEW box is revealed on the NEW moon of the previous month.  Boxes close and ship 7 to 10 days prior to full moon  to ensure you can receive your goodies just in time for you to #smudgethatshit during that amazing lunar energy and through the rest of the month until your next box arrives. 

How much is this investment in my personal growth?

The Smudged Box is only $33.00 a month + $5.00 Shipping.  Want free shipping? Go ahead and subscribe for the whole year! Yearly subscribers get a special FREE gift ($25.00 value) with first box and save up to 16%! Need a break, no worries you can cancel at anytime, but you won't want to miss out! 

Want this month's Smudged Box ?

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December's Smudged Box "Sensual Surprise"


What's Inside?

December's Box is centered around awakening the Sacral Chakra, Sensual, Creative, Sexy! So this month we are keeping it risqué by giving you a surprise box! Can you keep a secret... Find out what's inside when it ARRIVES...Stay tuned for what's to CUM...

Can we say that on the internet? 


How do I use my box?

Each box comes with a smudge intention and place for you to write your own! Along with a few instructions on how to use your new goods! Because the great spiritual goddess Solange tells us to

 " Do nothing without intention" - ASE' 

Plus there is always an instructional video posted on our YouTube channel


Feature Company

December's Smudged Box features an all Natural Skin Care line called 

"I luv Niki" Run locally in Tampa, FL by Goddess Kenya Ferguson.