Meditation and Chill: A journey Through the Chakras


About the Album

Are you ready to take a journey through the CHAKRAS? Get in alignment with this Guided Meditation Album curated to help you get in tune with you inner (G) so that you can achieve balance, peace and total ZEN. Meet your higher self and fall in love. Each beat is mastered to awaken and match the vibrations of each chakra to send your body into the perfect vibe for deep meditation and relaxation.  Explore the connection between your chakras and your life meaning. Rediscover yourself in the Zen Suite though visualization, breathwork, varying meditative strategies  and positive affirmations.  So relax... turn off NETFLIX and get you a bae that is ready for Meditation and Chill! (Are you still listening?) 

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"Best meditation sounds for your SOUL" - Viva Williams

"I listened to the previews and its already FIRE"- Janesia Kelly

" This is giving me Life" - Krystina Callahan


Because sometimes you want to leave your phone alone and just vibe...

Meditation and chill Apparel


Meditation and Chill T-Shirt or Hoodie

Because nothing is better than being comfortable in a super soft cozy hoodie or T-shirt when you just trying to vibe... (Available in more colors) Click photo to find your perfect fit!